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Everybody and everything wants to express themselves. Its time to express your feeling, thought, passion, talent etc. through writing a post. Expressing our feeling is not that difficult but it is difficult to have a listeners/readers  to express our thoughts.

So here SEO friendly post will help our post to reach a certain amount of readers. As our previous blog about Yoast SEO plugin will play important role while writing a post. It will give all instructions to write a SEO friendly post.

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Here we’ll  see how to write perfect SEO friendly post..

Lets start…

Just login into your WordPress website and go to Post and click on add new post. It will take you to this dashboard.


Always maintain 300-500 words in your post. And give them attractive Titles, Heading and Subheadings. Your post should be user friendly first.

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Whatever heading you given to the post will be the permalink for that post. But also you can edit the permalink as you want.


Edit or adjust your post with the help of the editing toggles.


With the help of Add Media option add images to your post and don’t forget to give them ALT TEXT.

add media

Mention the Category of your Post. It will help users to find your posts.


Add Tags for your post. Tags are nothing but keywords when someone searching for the keyword or tag you mentioned. May be your post will show in first place on search results.


Also add Featured image to your post.

featured image

These are the basic instructions to write the post. Now its time edit the post with help of Yoast SEO plugin.

When you activate Yoast seo plugin then for every post dashboard there are Yoast SEO important NOTE tables on right side and below the post text box. These important NOTE tables tell you that how much your post is SEO friendly by changing their colour.

yoast seo

Always follow the Yoast SEO instruction table below the  post text box. It will focus on Each and every mistake you did in post while writing.  And also it will tell you to correct. And it will also show the good things you did while writing your post.

yoast seo

Don’t forget to add meta tag in yoast SEO box. Meta tag will give brief introduction about your post while someone searched for the post .

meta tag

Always focus on Keyphrase. Keyphrase is that word that you focused on while writing post. Decide keyphrase and Yoast SEO will instruct you to where should keyphrase will locate and how many time you have used it.


If Yoast SEO still in red or other colour then SEO is not available for the post you write. yoast seo

When all Yoast SEO emojis become green then your post became SEO friendly and SEO will available for your post.

So Follow all the instructions and Always keep Yoast SEO emojis green.

Before publishing the post make sure that Readability and SEO should available and show GOOD.


That’s all about SEO friendly post. I think this post help you.

That’s all, I hope this article help you to Write Seo Friendly Post/Article..

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