Pros and Cons of Blogger

Pros and Cons of Blogger

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Blogger is the free platform to start blogging. Where you will have free blogspot domain and Hosting. Blogger has some pros and cons. So, it is better to know Pros and Cons of Blogger.

Here I am listing some pros and cons of blogger. I hope this will help you to know more about blogger before you start blogging in blogger.


:Pros of Blogger:
Free Platform:
Blogger provides free
platform to build blog/website. Without any investment you can start
Fully Customizable:
You can customize
your blog with free and paid custom templates.
Unlimited Blogs:
You are free to
create infinite number blogs with single account.
Secure Service:
As blogger is google
product then it is fully secured platform. Don’t need to worry.
Freedom to choose Domain:
Blogger offers a free
sub-domain for blog (
You can buy top level Domain and link to your blog.


:Cons Of Blogger:
No regular updates:
Blogger doesn’t offer
regular updates like WordPress.
No plugins:
As we know Plugin
helps to improve our blog by providing more features and functions. But
Blogger doesn’t support Plugins.
Limited SEO options:
Blogger Provides very
less SEO (Search Engine optimization) options.
Less control:
It doesn’t offer
more control over blog and you don’t have any access to your site files.
Media uploading:
There is no chance to
upload videos, photos and etc medias, If you want then you need to upload
them to any hosting service then you can share their links on blogger.
Less Adsense revenue:
It helps to generate
revenue through adsense but not that much. Because Adsense and Blogger are
Google Products then it will deduct a part of revenue for providing free
Can close anytime:
There is no guarantee
that you can run your blog for lifetime.



Blogger is best platform for newbie bloggers, Who want to start blogging. Also it is for those who don’t have enough money to buy Domain and Hosting. There many bloggers still they running their website with blogger. If you take my opinion then go with if you want to start blogging seriously and build powerful website.

I hope this article will help you to know Pros and Cons of Blogger. If you like article then share with beginners.

Read Pros and cons of wordpress in next blog till then sign up and stay tuned.

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