How to setup blogger?

How to setup blogger?

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As we know settings are the best friends then It is mandatory to setup our new things. So, here we will see how to setup blogger before publishing post.

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In this article is for newbie bloggers who want to blog. Here you will learn how to setup blogger account.

In this article we will know how to setup blogger.

How to setup blogger? Follow these steps ;

#01.Basic :

In basic settings first you need to give description for your blog. Description gives brief introduction for your blog. It helps users to know what your blog is about.

If you want to add title and description, Just go to Settings >> Basic and click on Edit. Add Title and Description of your blog.

How to setup blogger

#02. Posts ,Emails and Sharings :

In this settings leave them as it is. Because here default settings were good for blog.

How to setup blogger

#03.Email :

If you scroll down then you will see Comment notification Email. If you don’t want to receive

Notifications for first given mail. Then change it,here you will receive notifications here.

How to setup blogger

#04. Language and formatting :

Here set language that you want to blog. Also set the Time zone and Formats that you want keep on your blog.

How to setup blogger

#05. Search preferences :

This is very important section for blogger. Because here you can make Google to index your posts and make them to appear on search results.

As a beginner just enter the Meta tags. Meta tag is nothing but it is the description about your blog and the post. This will appear on search results.

How to setup blogger

#06. Other :

If you want to import content from other platform then here you can import. Here you can Backup your blog content. This will help you to restore if any bad happens to your blog.

How to setup blogger

That’s it, These settings are very important for every beginner blogger.

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I hope this will help you know How to setup blogger.

You will get some PRO/ SEO settings in next article. Till then stay tuned. Subscribe or Allow notifications. 

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