How to monetize wordpress website?

How to Monetize wordpress website

Till now, I think you publish lot of stuffs in your wordpress website. Now its time to monetize your wordpress website and earn some money from it.

When it comes to monetizing the website Google Adsense is the best solution. It is simple and easy to monetize the website.  It will help to monetize your website as well as Youtube channel.

There are many Ad serving sites are there. But none of them were had the features that adsense will give.

Pros & Cons of Adsense:


  • Adsense will give its service most of the languages.
  • It is very easy to monetize all your website with few clicks.
  • Don’t need to add Adsense code to every page. Because its AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Auto Ads will help you show their ads throughout the blog.
  • It don’t gave its approval on the basis of website traffic sources.
  • As per 2018 update Adsense removed its restriction of showing limited ads.


  • It give service to most language but not for All languages.
  • Sometime its became difficult to get approval from Adsense.

Get Adsense friendly Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages here.

In this article we will know How to monetize wordpress website using Adsense.

Requirement to get Approval:

  1. First your website need to have the good and unique content in it.
  2. If your article have some copied content then it is next to impossible to get approval from Adsense.
  3. If website had adsense friendly theme then it became easy to get approval.
  4. Your website should be fully developed. Under construction website will not get approval from Adsense.

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Step to get Adsense Approval:

After implementing all requirements, Now its time to go to Adsense site to get approval.

In search box of your browser search for Google Adsense. Click on the result.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Now you have to signup for Adsense. Just click on the signup button.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Fill the all details of your including your website url, your address etc.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Now you have to Copy the given code and you need to paste it in website’s header.php before <head> tag (middle of <head> </head>  tags).

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Check both options and click on DONE. That’s it. Give some time to Google Adsense to review your website. It may take 1week, 2week or also 1month but you need to wait. If your content is unique then you can get approval in 1 or 2 days.

Steps after getting Adsense approval:

Once you get approval from Adsense its time to show their ads on website.

All you need to do is that open your Adsense account and search for Auto ads and click on Setup now.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Under Auto  ads click on Get started.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Now Enable all the ads available their. And also click on Automatically get new formats. If adsense will provide new ad feature then it will get automatically applied to your website.

Click on next.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

How to Monetize wordpress website?

How to Monetize wordpress website?

In next step, copy the given code and paste it below the adsense code which you pasted before, to get approval. Or paste it middle of <head> </head> tag and click on save.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Now click on Update and In adsense site click on Done.

How to Monetize wordpress website?

Here all your work is done. Ads will start show after 30 minutes of placing the code.

This how you can show ads on your website using adsense with few clicks. There is also Manual method but there you need to Add the Ad Code on every page and every section of the website where you want show ads.

But website have adsense friendly theme then go for Auto ads.  In adsense friendly theme there are particular slots which are left for ads. That’s why it became easier to get approval as well as Showing ads.

Publish good and unique as well as helpful content and earn money from your website.


That’s it, I hope this article will help you to know how to monetize your wordpress website using Adsense.

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