How to make a free logo for website..!

how to make free logo for website

Till now we saw how to create website in previous blogs. Today we will see how to make free logo for website.

If you are seriously working for a blog and you want to build your brand then you need to create logo for your website. Logo will be the identity of your website.

There are many of sites which will provide service to create a logo of yours. But in that some of them are paid service where you can access premium service like Lifetime service, Transparent PNG, Vector Files, and Copyright ownership etc.

As a beginner premium products are not necessary until you make some revenue from blogs.

You can make awesome Logos in free service but you cannot access some features in free versions. But you can able to make some awesome logos in free versions. After some earnings go for premium.

As I said above some sites provides service to create logo in that one is DESIGN EVO. Design evo site gives free service as well as some premium features.

Now we will know how to create free logo with DESIGN EVO site.

Lets Start…

Initial step is to search for on search bar. Which will takes you to the home page of Design Evo site.

Without a second thought click on Make a Free Logo.

design evo

There are huge Logo Categories are available. As the requirement of your and your website Category select one Logo design.

design evo dashboard

After selecting logo design in next tab where you can do customization to your Logo as your requirement.

Where you access some icons for your logo. Search for icons and select the icon and edit them.

design evo dashboard

In Text tab you can access lot of Font face such as BOLD, MODERN, TRADITIONAL, HAND WRITING, FUNNY.

design evo text

Also there are some Art Fonts. You can also use for your logo.

design evo text

You can also add some shapes to your logo design like BADGE, DECORATION, LINES, SOLID SHAPE, OUTLINED SHAPE, BANNER, SYMBOL. Using these shapes you can make your logo unique.

design evo shapes

In Background section you can add some solid / gradient colors to logo background. Also you can active Transparent background for logo. Transparent background helps logo to adjust any background instead of making banner .

design evo background

You can also adjust your logo pixels. In some apps or websites image/logo size is restricted so from this you can make logo of that size.

design evo logo size

Here are some sizes you should have to download. because once you download your logo after that you cannot make alteration to your logo in future. So while you creating logo save logo of some important sizes.

  • Website header size – 400*90px
  • App splash screen – 640*1136px
  • Gmail profile – 250*250px
  • For website logo – 512*512px
  • High resolution – 1024*720px / 1920*1080px
  • For android app – 1024*500px
  • Also download the logo as your requirement .

You can also Preview your logo before downloading. It gives a idea to you how your logo is looking.

design evo logo size

sample Previews:

design evo preview

design evo preview

design evo preview

After successfully making logo its time to download logo.

Just click on the link and before downloading logo you have signup for site.

design evo downloading link

After downloading ZIP file Extract it. You will get PNG and JPG file and some java Code.

Now its time to login to your website and under customization add header logo (400*90) and website logo (512*512).

If you have Google+ account and Facebook page/group and etc add website logo. Which will give some unique design and best impression for users.

This is how you can make a free logo for website.

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