How to install WordPress..?


I think you all decided and purchased your Domain and Hosting services. If yes then we go ahead and know how to install WordPress website and start blogging..

In most of cases people used to buy Domain and Hosting services from different providers. In such cases we have to make our Domain should point towards Hosting. Here we all need to do is we have to change default Domain name servers by Hosting name server. Then only Domain will connect to our hosting.

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Now we will see how to change nameservers. Just follow the steps I mentioned below…

Lets start….

How to install wordpress | If Domain and Hosting are from different providers:

In such cases our Domain have the default nameservers and Hosting have other nameservers. When Domain is not pointing towards Hosting then we have to show the path towards hosting  by changing name servers.

Then only we can able to install WordPress and access other features.

Follow the Steps to change the nameservers:

Go to your Domain provider and visit to your account. Select the domain which nameservers has to be change. Click on the DNS (Domain name system) to change the nameservers by default to hosting nameservers.

how to install wordpressNow go to nameservers and click on change. Initially the domain has default nameservers so you have to select custom nameservers. And delete the default name servers.

how to install wordpress

Go to your domain provider and select the domain you entered to purchase the Hosting. Go to manage and click on nameservers then the panel will appear which has the name servers. Copy them and Go back to domain nameservers and paste them and save them.

After changing your nameservers and then go to your Hosting account and click on manage.

how to install wordpress

Under manage  Now click on cPanel Admin.

how to install wordpress

After a click it will take to dashboard shown below. Now you have to go to WordPress and Install it by giving your site name and your domain i.e. url etc.

how to install wordpress

After installing below shown WordPress dashboard will appear.

how to install wordpress


How to install wordpress | If Domain and Hosting are from same providers:

If you purchase Domain and Hosting from same provider then it will be easy to install the WordPress. Here you don’t need to change the nameserver and no need to going and coming back Domain and Hosting.

Here just go to your Domain and Hosting provider. Then go to your account and select your Hosting account click on manage and select the cPanel.

how to install wordpress

how to install wordpress

Then you have this type of panel will appear. Select the WordPress and Install it by giving information about website name, url and etc.

how to install wordpress

Then you have the WordPress dashboard which will look like as shown below.

how to install wordpress

Here we learned about how to install WordPress. In our next blog I will tell about basic settings which are compulsory and about plugin and etc.

To learn complete WordPress tutorial Stay tuned..


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