Basic settings after installing wordpress

basic settings of wordpress

While you are on your new website,then you have to do some Basic settings after installing wordpress. Because settings will become your best friends. Settings will help you to protect your website, helps to show your website on internet, and also helps you to make beautiful website.

Once you installed wordpress then you have to do Some Basic settings after installing wordpress. Such as permalink settings, search engine visibility etc. Which help the website to visible properly for viewers.

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When your fresh wordpress website start then there are lot of options are waiting for user. Each options will give flexibility to maintain the website by customizing the posts, pages, themes, plugins etc.

WordPress dashboard have a lot of options such as:

  • Dashboard – This will give overview of your website and Update notification of plugins.
  • Post – under this option you can add new post. Also you can view all posts, categories, tags.
  • Media – here you can add media files and also you can accesss files from your media library.
  • Links – All your added links are display here. You can also add new link and can make link category.
  • Pages – In this pages section you can view and add pages like About Us, Categories, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy.
  • Comments – Here your readers comments are displayed. You can approve them or make them as spam or trash them.
  • Appearance – lot o popular, featured themes are available. By activating them you can customize as you want and you can make your website beautiful and user friendly.
  • Plugins– plugins provides a familiar experience to the users. For ex:  Yoast SEO plugin will help user to rank their blog on search engine results page (SERP).
  • Users – Here you can view user profile and can add new user to your website. You can also decide the role of the user to your website such as Administrator, Author, Contributor, Editor, Subscriber.
  • Tools – here you can import export the tools. Also you can export you personal data and erase personal data.
  • Settings – general, writing, reading, discussion, media, Permalinks, Privacy settings come under this category.

Must needed settings for wordpress website:

Change your permalink setting:

Under permalink setting change your website URL type. Make sure that it should be post name. because of this users can easily understand that on what content you have wrote about.

Don’t ever discourage search engines from indexing this site:

Under the Reading setting always make sure that Search engine visibility is unmarked. If you mark then search engines don’t index your site. That means if you wrote good content then it also not shown on search engine resulting page (SERP).


Set your Site title and tagline and other:

In general settings set your site title that you have decided and a tagline for that site title. Set your WordPress address and site address (for ex: or and give your email id.


Choose the Theme for your website:

Now its time to increase the beauty of your website. WordPress give a lot of theme section option . Always try to choose simple and mobile-friendly theme it further help in your adsense approval.

Add the Pages to your site:

Create pages such as About, Categories, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.  These pages are must for site. That readers will know more about your site also to get adsense approval.

wordpress pages

Add Profile picture and tell something about yourself:

Under User setting update your profile picture and add some information about yourself that Users will know about you.



Write your first Post:

Now its time to publish your  first post.  Add categories, Tags and set Featured image for your post. (In next blog we will know how to write SEO friendly posts with yoast SEO).

wordpress post

Add useful plugins:

Search for needed plugins and install and Active them from huge plugin house. They give familiar experience.  They will help you to connect with your readers/viewers.


I hope! now you will know how to do some basic settings after installing wordpress.

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