All about the Blogger | a small tour of

All about the Blogger | a small tour of

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Blogger is best free platform for fresh bloggers. Once you create your blog in then you should know All about the Blogger.

Know why blogger is best platform to create free blog?

As a beginner you should know all features of blogger. It will help you to take control over the features once you start publishing posts.

Once you start your new blogger account, this is how its look like.

all about blogger

Here is small tour to know All about Blogger.

It will provide many options for user to publish their articles. Here are the features with their functions.

In this article you will get to know details about all features. For more stay tuned.

#01. Posts :

Post is section where you can write the post and publish them. Also here you will all your posts list which you have published. Also you will see post which were saved or not published.

#02. Stats :

In stats section all your blog performance is stored. Where you can find where the traffic is coming from. And how many users viewed your post and locations of them etc.


In comment section you will see all your comments which were commented by users.

You have option to view published comments and also spam comments.

#04. Earnings :

This is favourite section for every bloggers. Because bloggers can get approval from Google adsense to generate revenue.

#05. Pages :

Pages section will help you to add About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, And Disclaimer Pages to the blog. Which are mandatory for every blog.

If you want to get approval from Adsense within short period then these pages will help you.

Know How to add  Adsense friendly Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Pages to blog?

#06. Layout :

Layout  is the section where you can do customizations for your blog. Here you can add header image, widgets and etc. By adding html code you show ads on your blog.

#07. Theme :

Here you will find some pre installed themes. Also you can add the themes that you want.

In theme section you can preview of Desktop as well mobile. Here also you can customize the theme with preview. If you know Coding then In Edit HTML section you can customize your theme.

#08. Settings :

This is where you can setup your account. Here you can control your posts, comments, sharings , language and search preference. Here you can make Google to index your posts and make them to appear on search results.

#09. Reading list :

This is the section where you can enter blogs that you’d like to follow and also you can read their latest articles.

#10. Help :

If you have any questions in your mind about blogger. Search here you will get answer. Also if you want know more about then search here.

That’s it, This is small tour to of Blogger. I hope this article helped to know All about Blogger.

To know more about blogger then follow me or Subscribe. You will get new stuffs about Blogger as well as WordPress every day.

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