Activate free Cloudflare SSL certificate.

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Security is the important for our important things. There will be little bit of FEAR to loosing the important data or etc.  Even smartphones have different security systems like pattern lock, pin lock, fingerprint security and face lock to secure our private and important data. Then it is necessary to have the security for our website.

For every website there will be a security certificate i.e. known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Its is the security technology for building an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link will ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private.

Every domain and hosting provider have the SSL certificate facility but there we have to spend money.

There are also free SSL certificate provider also. In that one popular name is CLOUDFLARE.

Cloudflare helps to increase performance and speed of the website. It has CDN, DDoS attack protection, Free Domain Name Server(DNS) services. It also gives a Web application Firewall to the website.

Cloudflare provides a good security to the website against DDoS attacks, spammers and malware injectons.

Cloudflare has also paid SSL service but also they provide free SSL certificate which is enough to a blogger and his website security. (if your website is large then go for paid services).

Cloudflare free SSL certificate advantages:

  • Cloudflare is free and it is very easy to setup.
  • After SSL activation your IP address will be hidden. So you got protection against hackers.
  • Cloudflare will helps to save resource of your website and improve your website speed.
  • It will protect your website from Dos and DDoS attack.
  • In any case if your website goes slow then CLoudflare will help your site comes back to normal.

To activate free SSL certificate from Cloudflare then follow the instructions..

Lets start…

First Search for Cloudflare and click on the Cloudflare link. Which will redirect to Cloudflare home page.

Cloudflare in SERP


If you don’t have any account on Clouflare then you need to create a account by signing up.

clouflare account

After successfully creating your account  on cloudflare then you need to add the site. This site only get SSL certificate in future.

cloudflare add site tab

add site tab on cloudflare

Then below shown tab will appear just click on NEXT.

cloudflare tab

Now select the Free Plan  which is enough to protect your site against hackers, spammers, etc. and Confirm the plan.

cloudflare plans

Next  Cloudflare tab will appear (as shown below). You need to click on the cloud structures to make them Orange .

cloudflare dns

This will ensure that all your records now go through the Cloudflare server to protect by not displaying the IP address. Then click on Continue..

cloudflare dns

After that Clouflare will provide 2 Nameservers. You need change your domain nameservers by provided Cloudflare nameservers.

cloudflare nameservers



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After successful changing the nameservers go to Cloudflare account and Click on recheck. This will confirm that your domain nameservers are changed by Cloudflare nameservers.


Above the Cloudflare page there are 16 toggles. Just click on Crypto. Where you need to change some default settings.

  • Check status of SSL certificate and In side dropdown menu there are many option like Flexible and Full etc. just select the FULL .

crypto toggle in cloudflare


  • Redirect all requests with scheme http to https by sliding the button to ON.

always use https tab

  • Automatic HTTPS rewrites. This will convert all requests from http to https. Here also slide the button and ON the service.

automatic https rewrites

Now go to SPEED toggle. Where you to check or mark the JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML. These will reduce the unnecessary gap between the javascript code and increases the speed of the site.

speed toggle in cloudflare

After all these setups you will definitely check your site for SSL certificate. Wait!!! Because Cloudflare need 24 hours to activate SSL certificate to your site.

So, Don’t get panic. Be patient for 24 hours…

After completion of 24 hours go to cloudflare account then it will show “GREAT NEWS! NOW CLOUDFLARE IS PROTECTING YOUR SITE”.

cloudflare SSL activation

clouflare crypto details

Now you can access all your DNS records with Cloudflare.

Go for Clouflare free SSL certificate only if your site small. If your site is large and important data like E-Commerce site then go for premium plans.

I think this post will help you to Activate free Cloudflare SSL certificate.

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